Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy New Year.....3 months late!

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Ha! it seems some time has passed since I posted.  Health and other busy, busy shhtuffs have stolen my photography time!

But....I have been taking pictures....just not posting.  So here are a few I've taken since January.  You all........yeah all 3 of you!....know I love my winter!!!

 Even though we've had a lot of above average temperature days this winter, we've still had a good amount of snow so far.  We do seriously need our big Spring snows so hopefully we're in for much more!  Hubby shows just how much snow we got for the month of February out here on the side of our house.

 I love the pretty picture our road makes after a good size snowfall!  We're lucky the plow usually makes it up our tiny road the day after a snow!  Playing around with some framing ideas too and having fun with Photoshop!

 Ok really playing around here making the photo itself into a triple frame.  Kinda cool I think.  I'll have to try this if I can get a good shot of some bears this year!  LOL

Our winter birds are quite spoiled!  We do love our pretty little visitors!  These are the Pine Siskins and we have loads of them!  They're perfectly content to eat away, not bothered by the snowfall as you can see!!  I love the framing in the pink of course!!

Well....let's see if I can share some pictures much sooner again than I did this last time around! LOL  Thanks for looking and have a supercalifragilisticexpialodocious day!!!!

~ Lee ~