Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falling For Autumn.....Again!!!

Smiley from Millan.Net

Autumn continues to be stunning up here!  Actually a bit warm for the middle of October.  Yes, of course I want's my favorite season!!  But how can I not smile at the beauty of the Fall colors on our drives around our mountain??

First....Lake San Isabel is a small mountain lake the next town up from us.  Pretty in all seasons and the turning Aspens in the background are just stunning!  If there's no trace of wind the reflection is so gorgeous!  No such luck so far, but still beautiful!

Next, truly a beautiful hiking/camping spot.  The path through the turning trees was perfect for the quote I needed to express.

And one of the tiny, meandering brooks making it's way to the lake.

Thanks for looking....soon there will be some snowy photos!  LOL

~ Lee ~


  1. Beautiful! We so enjoyed seeing the molten gold color of the leaves spread out among the green of the pines up in the mountains. Himself stopped every 5 miles or so to take another picture. Stunning!!!

  2. How beautiful, Lee! My favourite is the last one with the little stream - it looks so beautiful with all the leaves in it.
    Count yourself lucky to have such great lighting conditions, LOL. It was only this year when we were away that I realised why so many photographers consider lens hoods as standard, necessary equipment. We don't get enough sunshine here for me to normally ever think of packing them.