Monday, August 24, 2015

Mountain Summer!!

Big Changes.....more time for pursuing photography!!  There's always a silver lining even when something awful happens!!!  Remember that!!  Here are several pictures from the past couple of summer months.  Truth be told I'm sooooo ready for Fall!!!  But I can't deny there were some pretty moments to capture this summer!!!  LOL

 I call them Mountain Coneflowers.  Yep, I really should start figuring out what names of flowers and plants are that we see on our drives....and on our property! 

 This is a Thistle....I know that much!  Playing with the focus and I'm really happy with the shot!!

 Our Columbines!  We have tons of them that grow off our front steps, all colors!!

Now this was our annual Tetons trip......gods and fates do we love that place!!!


We are so lucky to get to see Grizzly cubs every Spring in the Tetons!!!


 Of course baby Bison are pretty darn cute too....they have boundless energy!

And this year we got to see newborn Elk.....TWICE!!!  Just amazing!!!

We also celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary!!! 

And then the dreaded hand surgery in July.  Yes, that was just last month!  It's 7 weeks since the surgery and healing well.  Still a few weeks to go on restrictions and then the 6-8 months before the pain is pretty much gone.  But already things have improved!!  Which is good because it was my right hand and I'm right-handed!!  Kind of need that hand!!  LOL  It was basically a rebuilding of the thumb joint.  So times!

Thanks to my wonderful, supportive readers!!!  I love you ALL!!!  Like all 2 or 3 of you!!!   Hahaha!  Seriously....hugs!!!  I hope you're having a wonderful Summer!!!

~ Lee ~


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos!! They are always amazing! I can't wait to see the Tetons up close and personal, we are leaving in a couple of weeks for our trip out west. I know that Himself and you communicate occasionally, so you may know our plans. I have to say I miss you over at Stamp TV, and I wish you well, whatever your situation. I think of you often, dear sweet friend. Godspeed.

  2. Oh, we saw yellow flowers just like that in France this summer! But not the ones with those amazing orange centres, wow! How wonderful to see your photos from the Tetons, too - that must be so amazing to see.
    And ouch on your hand - it looks horrific. Glad that it's healing well for you.
    I told DH one day that I'd been talking to neighbours and had mentioned that we were 28 years married. No we're not, he said, it's only 27.
    And then he counted....I guess it's a good sign ;-). Wishing you many more happy anniversaries to celebrate.

  3. yeah...i get to be #3 reader...well, at least #3 poster!

    28 years 4 months of marriage from MN...I'd be the sleeping bison right now but I'm waiting for 5 loaves of bread to finish rising before I still need to bake them yet tonight! Love your animal photos...not the thumb one...that is gross...