Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Wonderland!!!

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YES!!!!  We are having a ROCKIN' winter!!!!  In the last week we have almost 4 FEET of new snow!!!!  Yippee!!!  And hopefully we're still on track for our snowiest months of March and April still to come!!!  LOL  Whew!  Not nearly the worry for wildfire season now!!!

And........I have some fun snowy pics to share!!!  Still need to find time to research and sign up for photography classes.....being recent empty nesters has NOT made us less busy however!!  LOL

Ok.....onto some winter photos........

Lots of snow.....lots of pretty icicles....lots of birds being extremely greedy and starving!!  LOL  We're going through a TON of birdseeds!!!  I hope you enjoy....more snow is coming this week so I'll be taking more pictures!  LOL  Have a wonderful wintery weekend!!!

~ Lee ~

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  1. Your photos are just STUNNING, as usual. Of course I am so partial to the one with the Evening Grosbeaks. We used to have flocks of them, then they disappeared for many years, came back for a couple and now they are MIA again. I'm happy that you are enjoying the snow so much, it IS gorgeous. That having been said, I am not a fan so much. Lovely to look at, lovely to see your pics, and now I'm ready for warmer weather. Thanks, as always, for sharing your wonderful talent with us!!! Himself always enjoys your photos too.