Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Hummer Time!!

From Millan.Net

Every summer hubby is just addicted to seeing all his hummingbirds....and I mean there are a LOT!  He calls them little flying piglets....cuz they are!  LOL  At peak time during July and August we can go through 2 gallons of sugar water a day!!  Here are some photos....

We have all 12 feeders hung on our top deck that is screened in and has no stairs.  Certainly not completely bear-proof, but since we did that we haven't had issues with bears climbing to get to the hummer feeders!  It's been a super busy summer...but I've got more photos to share so posts will be much more often....for the 2 of you who read this blog!  LOL  And I thank you that you makes me smile!!!  HUGS to you!!!

~ Lee ~