Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ahhhhh Sweet Nectar!!!

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We have such amazing wildflowers up here on our mountain.....and I especially LOVE the variety of Columbines (our State flower) that we have that grow in a huge bunch along the front porch!!!  I was so surprised and very happy that I got a couple of neat shots today considering the wind kept blowing the poor bumblebee and butterflies around!  LOL  And I really need to learn about lighting since obviously I can't move the sun to a place where I get less shadowing!  Ha!  

First let me say that I think actual bumblebees are adorable!!!  However I still am very careful when I'm around them cuz I don't want to be stung!  Then let's also admit how I DETEST wasps and yellowjackets and run and scream and hide and make hubby kill them!  LOL  Yep....just like my bro Sean keeps saying.....I know, I know.....I am SUCH a girl!  True dat!!  But isn't that bumbleebee just too cute??  And hey...he's making sure to pollenate my beloved Columbines so I'm very happy when we see these little guys!!

This shot was PURE dee ohhh luck!!!  I took quite a few where the wind and butterfly wings were just NOT cooperating!!  But somehow got this shot among them!!  LOL  I love the light coming thru the gorgeous wings!!  And how the purple flowers are not the focus but a bit blurred.  Yeah...let's just say I meant to do that and how talented I am!  Hahahaha!  Someday I will learn how to do that on purpose!  LOL  Now I'm not sure what this beauty is....we've always called them Monarch butterflies cuz they're orange and black....but I'm betting we're not right.  I'll see what Judy's husband says cuz he knows!!

I'm bummed though cuz we missed getting pictures of the baby foxes so far this year.  I have many from years past, but so far they've been rather shy and we've only had one glimpse of a little head popping out of the den and then refusing to come back out.  I also didn't have my camera on me (what is WRONG with me????) so I couldn't get a picture of mama fox hunting in the tall grass for some dinner while a magpie was chasing and cawing persistently at her!!  Well that will teach me to keep my camera with me at all times!!!  

~ Lee ~