Friday, May 30, 2014

Now THAT'S a Moth!!!

From Millan.Net

Thanks for such a wonderful welcome on my photographic journey!!!  I'm excited about this and also hope to really learn a lot!!!

So......about today's photos...... there are some insects I like that are adorable....some I think are interesting but don't like so much and then some that terrify me!  LOL  Moths fall into the category of interesting and sometimes even pretty but I don't like them a whole lot.  Probably because we have times up here where we are FLOODED with moths and can't even open the front door without 287.6 moths flying into the house!!! my daughter and I stepped out onto the porch this afternoon this beauty was on the front door!  She carefully moved it to the bench and I just had to snap a few photos!!  It's HUGE!!!  And so pretty....actually fluffy!!

And a close up so you can see just how fuzzy and fluffy he is!!!

Those antennae are just soooo cool!  They look like feathers!!  Must be a throwback from 80's styling!!!  Ha!  Well...have a wonderful evening and catch ya later!!!

~ Have A Beautiful Day! ~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Me....PhotographicLee!!!!

From Millan.Net

I've absolutely fallen in love lately with photography!!  Oh yes...I've taken pictures for years!!!  Of course of the kids as they grew up....but we didn't have digital cameras for their early on my To-Do List someday is to scan ALLLLL the pictures from those early days onto my laptop!  I think maybe some deep, dark, snowy month up here on my mountain I'll work on that!  LOL

I take pictures, of course, of my cards for all my Stampy work!  But I also love taking pictures of my mountains!!  We live in the Colorado mountains but work in Denver a few days a week, so travel back and forth.  So I have an abundance of wildlife, scenery, flowers....roadtrips....sometimes people....and I plan to take some online digital photography classes!  Maybe I can REALLY learn all the settings on my camera and just how to use Photoshop Elements to it's full!!!

Some of you may know me as Lee on Stamp TV who works for the amazing Gina K.  And also as LuvLee on Splitcoaststampers who works for the fabulous Lydia!!  I'm also an avid reader -  Hi to my all know who you are!!!  I've been so lucky to meet friends who have truly become family to me through stamping/scrapbooking/reading!!!  And I love to bake!!  I'm learning about essential oils to help with medical issues combined with meds unfortunately that are needed.  But let's NOT talk about that cuz I refuse to let health problems keep me down!!  I'm married to my best friend, a true Prince Charming and the most wonderful Husband and Father ever!!!  Well he does come from a pretty fabulous family with spectacular parents and siblings and extended family!!  Our two kids have grown and flown...thankfully not too far away!  Our daughter graduated college recently with a Graphic Arts Degree...and she designed my blog!  Our son just got married and lives nearby, so we are happy to have another daughter now added to our family!

So....that little intro is out of the way....this blog is just for me to learn and grow as a photographer.  It's just for fun....and for remembering this journey and this time in life where I can pursue an interest just because I want to!  Yes....sometimes I miss the days of homeschooling, toddlers, appointments, music lessons, family dinners, etc.  But I confess it's pretty awesome to have a quiet, tidy home and some time to myself!  LOL

I thought for a long time about a picture to use for my inaugural post on this blog.  And I think this one HAS to be the one!

Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE snow!!!  Winter is by far my favorite season!!!  Good thing too since we get a lot of snow!  I'm sure many, many of my photographs I share will be snowy ones...but I know I will enjoy finding the beauty in all of the seasons and in all of the places we visit!!

I hope you'll visit me sometimes and catch up on life's journey with me through the lens of my camera!!!  

~ Have A Beautiful Day! ~