Thursday, June 14, 2018

New to speak!

Life is a crazy ride....but only recently hubby got me a new and pretty dang awesome camera!

So that lit a fire under me to really pursue photography much more!  So just maybe I'll actually get to posting here regularly. LOL  One never knows!

But here are a few of my favorite from our annual trip to Grand Tetons every May!!!  It's truly our favorite place ever!!!

This is Grizzly 399 and two of her yearling cubs.  We've been so honored to get to see her almost every year since we started our annual treks several years ago!!  

Gotta love baby Bisons!!  They're so dang cute!!

Canada Goose babies!!!

Busy as a Beaver!!

Watching the Elk against the backdrop of the Tetons is breathtaking EVERY time!!

A favorite spot in the whole park....Oxbow Bend!!!

Until next time..............hope you got a little smile or two!!

~ ~ Lee ~ ~

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy New Year.....3 months late!

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Ha! it seems some time has passed since I posted.  Health and other busy, busy shhtuffs have stolen my photography time!

But....I have been taking pictures....just not posting.  So here are a few I've taken since January.  You all........yeah all 3 of you!....know I love my winter!!!

 Even though we've had a lot of above average temperature days this winter, we've still had a good amount of snow so far.  We do seriously need our big Spring snows so hopefully we're in for much more!  Hubby shows just how much snow we got for the month of February out here on the side of our house.

 I love the pretty picture our road makes after a good size snowfall!  We're lucky the plow usually makes it up our tiny road the day after a snow!  Playing around with some framing ideas too and having fun with Photoshop!

 Ok really playing around here making the photo itself into a triple frame.  Kinda cool I think.  I'll have to try this if I can get a good shot of some bears this year!  LOL

Our winter birds are quite spoiled!  We do love our pretty little visitors!  These are the Pine Siskins and we have loads of them!  They're perfectly content to eat away, not bothered by the snowfall as you can see!!  I love the framing in the pink of course!!

Well....let's see if I can share some pictures much sooner again than I did this last time around! LOL  Thanks for looking and have a supercalifragilisticexpialodocious day!!!!

~ Lee ~

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

Winter is here!!  And one of my favorites for photographing!!  I have decided I need to try to use hubby's nicer camera and jot down settings and notes as I learn some more tips for getting better photos.  

But here are a few from the last few weeks....plenty of amazing snow on our mountain here!!!

 A very happy little junco eating away merrily in the light snow.

 Lovely snowstorm right before Thanksgiving!

 Early morning frost on the trees.

One of my favorite views out back of our house.  The tall trees covered in piles of pristine white snow.

~ Have a picture perfect day! ~

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falling For Autumn.....Again!!!

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Autumn continues to be stunning up here!  Actually a bit warm for the middle of October.  Yes, of course I want's my favorite season!!  But how can I not smile at the beauty of the Fall colors on our drives around our mountain??

First....Lake San Isabel is a small mountain lake the next town up from us.  Pretty in all seasons and the turning Aspens in the background are just stunning!  If there's no trace of wind the reflection is so gorgeous!  No such luck so far, but still beautiful!

Next, truly a beautiful hiking/camping spot.  The path through the turning trees was perfect for the quote I needed to express.

And one of the tiny, meandering brooks making it's way to the lake.

Thanks for looking....soon there will be some snowy photos!  LOL

~ Lee ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Fall on My Mountain!!!

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We took just a little drive to catch some of the pretty aspens all decked out in their golds with just a hint of reds!!!  

 This first shot is on the side of our house, looking out my craft room window.  It was just a bit foggy and so pretty!

 We don't get a lot of reds, but what we do get is just so pretty among the golden aspens!!

Lake San Isabel isn't far from our home, and it's so pretty in all seasons.  But Fall sure is gorgeous with the aspens peppered among the pines!!

Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful Fall!!!

~ Lee ~

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mountain Summer!!

Big Changes.....more time for pursuing photography!!  There's always a silver lining even when something awful happens!!!  Remember that!!  Here are several pictures from the past couple of summer months.  Truth be told I'm sooooo ready for Fall!!!  But I can't deny there were some pretty moments to capture this summer!!!  LOL

 I call them Mountain Coneflowers.  Yep, I really should start figuring out what names of flowers and plants are that we see on our drives....and on our property! 

 This is a Thistle....I know that much!  Playing with the focus and I'm really happy with the shot!!

 Our Columbines!  We have tons of them that grow off our front steps, all colors!!

Now this was our annual Tetons trip......gods and fates do we love that place!!!


We are so lucky to get to see Grizzly cubs every Spring in the Tetons!!!


 Of course baby Bison are pretty darn cute too....they have boundless energy!

And this year we got to see newborn Elk.....TWICE!!!  Just amazing!!!

We also celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary!!! 

And then the dreaded hand surgery in July.  Yes, that was just last month!  It's 7 weeks since the surgery and healing well.  Still a few weeks to go on restrictions and then the 6-8 months before the pain is pretty much gone.  But already things have improved!!  Which is good because it was my right hand and I'm right-handed!!  Kind of need that hand!!  LOL  It was basically a rebuilding of the thumb joint.  So times!

Thanks to my wonderful, supportive readers!!!  I love you ALL!!!  Like all 2 or 3 of you!!!   Hahaha!  Seriously....hugs!!!  I hope you're having a wonderful Summer!!!

~ Lee ~

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wild West in the City!!!!!

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Looking through some photos I took recently....I had forgotten about the Stock Show & Rodeo Parade in downtown Denver!!!!  Now y'all know I'm sooooo NOT a city girl.....but since we do have to be there a couple days a week for work....I try to make the most of it.  And the parade is definitely a highlight!!!!

Where else but Denver, in a major metropolis can you see Longhorn cattle herded by honest-to-gods cowboys in main streets?  And stunning horses pulling old-fashioned carriages?  And cuuuuute little shelties pulling their own tiny covered wagon??!!

There was a lot more, but these were the best photos out of the bunch.  And standing there in the chilly January day with my Starbucks and camera truly was a wonderfully bright spot in my city stay!!!

Til next time...........Enjoy!!!!

~ Lee ~